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The way the shape of the case sits on the wrist was also a big consideration. A square-shaped case is a very solid base. You feel more confident because you are more settled. A round case makes you feel fluid and like everything is possible. The idea was to design a watch which represented the feminine energy of 2018 in motion.

What is the idea behind women in motion?

I was just starting the project. I searched the Internet for images of stylish women. I concentrated on the metropolitan areas. I created folders for Zurich and Milan, and was trying to find out all the different styles, all the different approaches to femininity, around the globe. Was looking for some commonality amongst these stylish women. I concentrated on street photography, and noticed that women are always moving, unlike in ads where they're posed and static.

What was the nature of the brief?

The search was simple: "We're looking for a women's iconic watch."

When creating an icon I used the formula Rolex Replica Watches DNA + iconic shape + carefully considered details to create an iconic timepiece. To demonstrate my thinking, I traced the silhouettes of different watches. I then presented each watch to Philippe with a black dial and he recognized them all.Rolex Replica Watches You only needed to look at the silhouette. In order to learn to develop such a sensitivity, I knew I had to have an iconic shape before I did anything else. If it were just a square or round watch, it would be much harder to stand out, and to be recognisable at a distance. This is what I consider to be the most iconic part of it, but we'll have to see if it actually works.

Why did you choose to place the crown on the bottom of the case instead of the top?

There was no way I would have allowed a crown to be on the side. The crown would have destroyed the whole case, so I had to choose between the bottom of the case or the back.

What is your DNA for this project?

This is a good example of how you can maintain your own identity in a relationship. This watch would be the same even if Rolex Replica Watches wasn't my client. As I said,IWC Ingenieur Replica Watches we fit well together. All of the lines, curves, everything. If you look at my other creations, they all follow the same feel -- the lack edges, attention to silhouettes, and conceptually, my goal as designer is to use skills to help people curate experiences through objects that I design. It's always about the experience, and that is what drew me to the luxury sector and Rolex Replica Watches, in that every object has an experiential value that is far greater than its usefulness. The bond between Rolex Replica Watches and myself is that we both set out to create memorable experiences. At the end of day, memories are what shape our lives as humans, so I am present in this. The idea came from finding the overlaps in our DNA and continuing that direction.