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Rolex Day-Date Replica

Didn't I tell you guys that Rolex Day-Date Replica was particularly strong this SIHH? Okay fine, maybe I didn't tell all of you, but I definitely told a lot of you.

Fans of La Grande Maison's multi-axis tourbillons can rejoice as Rolex Day-Date Replica releases the fifth iteration of its famous Gyrotourbillon, the series of ultra-sophisticated rotating escapements that first debuted in 2004.

Not only is the Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpetuel the latest Gyrotourbillon from Rolex Day-Date Replica, it is also the most complicated, featuring a grande sonnerie with Westminster chime and also a perpetual calendar.

The last time we saw a grand sonnerie from Rolex Day-Date Replica -- and the only other time in the modern history of the manufacture, actually -- was in the 2009 Hybris Mechanica Duometre a Grande Sonnerie.Replica Watches In combining this exalted complication with the Gyrotourbillon and a perpetual calendar, Rolex Day-Date Replica are truly showcasing the extent of their in-house savoir-faire.

Although not made explicit in the name of the watch, one of the most outstanding features of the Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpetuel is its one-minute constant force mechanism, that drives the jumping minute hand.

Apart from providing a consistent level of torque that supports the chronometric performance of the energy-hungry tourbillon, the constant-force mechanism also allows for the minute repeater function -- when activated -- to be perfectly accurate in its reading of the time. Conventional minute repeaters bear the risk of chiming out a time that may differ from the actual time display by one minute,Omega Replica an eventuality that is compensated for by a sprung component called the "surprise piece" that emerges from behind the minute cam as a security feature when the repeater is activated.

The chiming mechanism of the Rolex Day-Date Replica Master Grande Tradition builds on the extensive body of knowledge already present at the manufacture. Prior innovations such as the crystal gongs, square gong cross section and trebuchet hammers which promote chime transmission, are all present here and in certain aspects even improved.